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About Me

My Philosophy is Simple

  1. Let's change the way you look and feel...
  2. Let's strengthen, tone and energize...
  3. Let's change the quality of your life...
  4. Let's Get Movin' - Together!
As an overweight teen, almost tipping the scale at 300 lbs, I've experienced the up and down struggles to keep excess pounds off and maintain my ideal weight. Through smart, effective training and with a few minor nutritional changes, I without a doubt can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals! There is no better feeling than when clothes start feeling loose, when you start feeling stronger, and when your energy level soars!







1 on 1 personalized training means just that - we will work with a variety of exercise equipment and routines to help you burn fat and become stronger. 
After the inital assessment, we will customize a plan to target your specific fitness goals that will work with your skill and experience level.
We can discuss ways to make small changes to your diet that will yield big results. 


Strength Training 
free weights and kettle bells
balance and stability
TRX training
core strengthening

All training regimens effectively incorporate cardiovascular conditioning 

The Personal Trainer for the Entertainer

Being a vocalist and trumpet player, I know what it's like trying to get through that last set, when fatigue sets in, followed by breaking down and packing up the equipment. My workouts will help provide strength, endurance and stamina to breeze through these challenging gigs. Horns players, let's strengthen and condition your core and cardiovascular system for a smooth , effortless air stream! Let's get movin'!

Regular exercise improves your mood, your memory and breathing. Physically fit musicians tend to have better concentration and endurance in their musical practice and performances. 
Stay At Home Moms​

We all know how hectic a day at home can be and  finding time to schedule a visit to the local fitness center can be challenging and stressful. My one on one in home training program will help make it very easy and convenient  for you! Whether your are looking to drop a few unwanted pounds or tone up and feel more energized to keep up with the kids, my combination of cardio, resistance, flexibility and isometric training  will have you feeling and looking fabulous! Let's get movin'!

Training 3 times a week with just a few minor tweaks to your diet, will greatly impact your fitness goals and quality of life!

Baby Boomers

Here's something I can truly relate to! Yes, I'm also in this category. As we age, most of us experience the aches, pains and stiffness. Many of us have had injuries and/or surgery. I myself have had 2 hernias and a hip replacement, but we can't let that stop us! Medium to low impact resistance training along with incorporating cardiovascular conditioning can make a big difference, but more is needed as we approach our later years. So in addition to cardio and resistance training, let's increase our flexibility, develop more range of motion, improve our balance and become stronger - Let's get movin'!

Research shows that people with high blood pressure can lower and maintain normal blood levels through regular exercise. 

Please call for my rates and specials!
Please call for my rates and specials. I can work within your budget!
"I started personal training with Mike three weeks after I was diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back on August 19, 2016. I started physical therapy three times a week but felt I needed a little more intense training to strengthen my back. My training with Mike started with basic exercises targeting the core and back. I started feeling stronger after 2 weeks. I’ve never done personal training before. I was hesitant at first since it seemed intimidating to me. However after two weeks into the training, I could feel the difference already.
Michael is an excellent trainer. He introduced low impact exercises that really helped my back in the first two weeks. It was encouraging to see the progress that I made in the first month. He motivated me to do more as the weeks progressed. Due to the training I received, I was able to complete my physical therapy after 6 weeks. The program he implemented for me was intense yet structured perfectly at my pace. I not only learned the importance of each exercise, but also learned how beneficial personal training can be when faced with a scary diagnosis. Michael has a great attitude and is very patient. He explained the importance of each routine and stressed the significance of a healthy diet. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Michael. My back has improved dramatically. I could not have done this without his support and guidance."
​Melissa K, Gilberts

 ​​"I started training sessions with Mike from MJT in Oct 2016. I had to stop other exercise programs due to knee and back pain. After a consultation to talk about my limitations, availability and expectations, we started training together 2-3 times a week. Benefits of training with Mike: What's better than having your trainer come to you! Mike is always very timely and brings all equipment needed. He also provides great health information, healthy and cleaning eating tips, and a good sounding board for any health concerns. At some point I will need a knee replacement, but with Mike's knowledge, I've been able to continue with beneficial work outs, including cardio and weight training. It's great to work with someone who has the knowledge and experience to provide people, in their 60's, and even with health issues, a great health program that will add years to their lives."
Kate V, Bartlett
Let's Get Started! 

  1. Mar 18
    http://platinumsalon-spa.com/ 81 Stratford Dr, Bloomingdale, IL 630-893-2100
    I'll back again at the beautiful Platinum Salon and Day Spa in Bloomingdale, IL from 8:30am-1pm. Please stop by to learn more about my Spring Special!
  2. Oct 22 2016
    Ion Nutrition http://www.ionnu.com/ 123 E. Irving Park Rd Streamwood, IL (630) 403-8484
    Join us October 22 from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM for our Fall Health & FItness Expo! Free and open to the public, this expo features the latest in fitness , health & nutrition information.


As an advocate for small business owners, MJT Personal Training would like to introduce you to some very special health and wellness partners. Please click on the their links below to visit their website for valuable information. 



I am proud to partner with a wonderful organization, Healthy Lombard. 
Founded in October 2009, Healthy Lombard is a Village-wide Initiative that was formed in order to address the problem of Childhood Obesity with positive, effective solutions as well as promote living a healthy lifestyle.
It sponsors a website that features a daily blog,  a calendar of village-wide events, and other “participation” activities such as Apple Crunch Day, Fitness Fairs, Flat Apple Summer activities, G.Y. M. (Get Yourself Moving) Bags, and Health Hero Awards, that often involve both children and adults because, without great adult role models, children’s habits will not change.
Healthy Lombard also produces a monthly cable show called “Health Local. This 1/2 hour, magazine type program, features 6 different health-related elements.
Healthy Lombard is very proud that it has been recognized as a blueprint for other villages and towns to follow in their quest to make a positive difference in the health of future generations.

Please click on their website to learn more!   http://healthylombard.com/


Emily Brown is a Transformational Health and  Weight Loss Coach, leading women in extreme self-care. She’s the founder of Nourishing Transformations and creator of popular programs such as her Nourished Body program, a 6-week online health weight release program and her one-on-one Signature Coaching Program designed for those serious about making lasting transformation in their health, body and lives. Emily combines personal experience with professional expertise when working with clients increating an abundantly healthy and happy lifestyle that is ideal for them.

Emily has been helping women improve their health, release weight and enjoy more fulfilling, balanced lives since 2006. She is a Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist and graduate of the Institute of Nutritional Leadership with Dr. Axe.

To learn more about how you can work with Emily go to
http://www.nourishing-transformations.com/  and find her on all social media.​


Established in 2014, Ion Nutrition strives to improve the health and happiness of each customer. Theirm mission is to provide you with the nutritional supplements that positively charge your health! Their staff is  dedicated to assisting you with your lifestyle changes and/or simply helping you maintain them. Ion Nutrition is your source for vitamins, sport nutrition, diet supplements, protein, and much more at competitive prices. Follow Ion Nutrion on Facebook  for special offers!
Stop in to see Neal and his staff at their Streamwood location today!